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Abona – I know next to nothing about this small, demarcated wine region in the south of Tenerife (nor, indeed, had I ever heard of it until happening upon the fact that within Abona lies Europe’s highest vineyard, at over 1500m). I have never tasted any of its wines and – as none are apparently available in the UK – I am unlikely ever to do so without going to some trouble. Were you to develop a fondness for them, remember never to say, ‘Oh, yes, I do like Abona.’ There are hundreds of little appellations like this dotted around the wine world, many of which have within them at least some conscientious producers whose output would be deserving of attention had we but world enough, and time. My apologies, then, both to those producers and to those inquisitive, wine-loving souls who’ve recently holidayed in the south of Tenerife.


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